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Wine Didn’t I Think of That? February 23, 2012

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“You’re still doing that thing, huh?” Yes. Mostly. Today I had McDonald’s chicken nuggets for lunch with Peter. That’s not anywhere on the spectrum of  vegan, pescatarian or even that healthy. But, boy, were they good. I don’t even feel bad about it. What fun would it be if I couldn’t emphasize the “halfass”?  Though if I keep that up, I’ll have to substitute “fat” for “half.”

I will admit that after another round of semi-delicious non-meat tacos last night, I was craving good ole beef tacos. I told Matt that I promised to keep cooking sans meat for as long as he wanted to eat this way but that if he ever felt even the tiniest desire to go back to the way of cows, pigs and chickens (oh, my!), I would be right there with a steak knife in my hand. Yes, I am weak.

But, every time I start to get weary, there seems to be a redeeming light. And this week, the light was in the form of none other than white wine. Now, I’m not a huge wine drinker. In fact, it has to be so sweet that most people wouldn’t even consider it “real” wine for me to enjoy it. But, recipes made with white wine always seem to be extra tasty, rich and decadent. So I came across a shrimp fettuccine recipe that called for chicken broth. I usually just substitute vegetable broth but one recipe reviewer said that she used white wine instead of the broth. Shrimp, white wine, butter and garlic. Never a better combination of ingredients in my book. There were more ingredients but these are the four that made me drool.  There was so much butter, I was hoping it melted before Matt saw how much went in the pan. Sometimes it’s better just not to know. Overall, the recipe was pretty good. Probably a four on a scale of one to five. But the real star was the freedom to use more than just vegetable broth. And, when a bottle of the cheapo stuff is only $2.49 at Aldi, it’s comparable to the cost of broth. I’m not a very good cook so I’m not exactly sure when you can substitute wine instead of broth but I’m up for trying it out.  Not when the recipe calls for 4 cups of broth. Wowsa!

Another winner was the Roasted Sweet Potato Pizza with Spinach and Caramelized Onion. We ended up staying home with a sick kiddo on Super Bowl Sunday and decided to still party it up. So I made this pizza and Chex mix just for the two of us. You can’t really have a Super Bowl party without those two things.  It turned out really well! It was a little heavy on the dough so I might scout out a lighter, thinner crust. But the flavors went well together and I was impressed. The tell-tale sign of a winner is when the leftovers get eaten and they definitely did.

But it’s not all roses in the land of veggies and beans. I was so proud of myself one day for putting the ingredients in the crockpot that morning. Peter and I gallivanted about town for the day and I got home 10 minutes before Matt but dinner was ready and the house smelled good. It was the perfect plan. I scooped it out. We sat down. One bite each. Gracious Matt didn’t say anything but I practically spit it out. Bleh. Bland, mushy, ugly. Brown rice, you have gotten the best of me again! On the food hate list, brown rice is one step higher on the hate list than lentils. I have half a bag left and one more option for cooking it that I pinned on Pinterest. If that doesn’t work, I’m done with thee, brown rice! I don’t care if you’re healthier. So, after our two combined bites, I dumped the whole thing in the trash. The only saving grace was that I had used a crockpot liner and was able to put the whole thing in the trash with no mess. The only thing worse than a flopped meal is cleaning up after it. So, we quickly grabbed option B – veggie stir fry – and placated our palates with some teriyaki sauce. All better.

Bleh. Flop.

Arch nemesis of the brown rice,

The Half-Ass Vegan


One Response to “Wine Didn’t I Think of That?”

  1. Lindsey Aeverman Says:

    Oh you half-ass vegan!!! i’m seriously laughing my ass off! you crack me up. great blog! I’ll be sure to check in frequently. 🙂 check your email… lets talk bean farming. keep up the hilarious “vegan-ish” blog!

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